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Growthy, An App To Track Your Child’s Growth

Download Growthy on the App StoreGrowthy is an iPhone app that can be used by parents for easily tracking the development of their children. It maintains a record of measurements and observations which compared with the reference data published by the WHO provides insight about their growth.This reference data includes BMI, height, weight and head circumference, as well as the windows of achievements for the six main motor milestones —sitting without support, standing with support, hands&knees crawling, walking with support, standing without support and walking without support. Recently, I’ve released a new version of this app which is a complete overhaul and redesign of the previous one, and that has been featured in Cult of Mac (thanks Charlie!). This new version puts a lot of attention in two main aims.

Growthy - Child detail viewOn one hand, the UI has been simplified in order to put more child development status on screen and to display it even more clearly. Now it is possible to get a glimpse (in a more or less comprehensive manner depending on the view) of how your children is performing in their growth. Remember that, in any case, you cannot conclude any health condition about your children from the information you obtain from this app. This is the sole competence of your children’s pediatrician.

On the other hand, great effort has been dedicated to combine a logical and simple workflow within the app with the quick and easy way of inputting new data the previous versions had. This has been accomplished by displaying summarized data in the corresponding visual element used for navigation.

Growthy also has a dedicated data visualization view accessed by rotating the device to landscape in the child detail view. It contains the charts view and the timeline. The first one plots child data over WHO reference data in a set of fully interactive charts. You can pan on the charts and they react by automatically adapting ranges in order to optimally plot child’s curves. You can also long touch on any node and a label appears which displays data and evolution corresponding to that node.

Growthy - Charts view

The timeline, in turn, arranges chronologically all child’s development events allowing for a complete visualization of each of them. Timeline is a brand new addition to this version.

Growthy - Timeline view

Growthy is available for free in the AppStore with charts and timeline as in-app purchases. For more detail about this app you can visit the official web page.

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